Che-Tsung Lin, Yu-Chen Lin, Long-Tai Chen Recently, a number of collaborative vehicle-safety systems have been proposed. Information on vehicle location can be periodically exchanged by V2V communication devices to avoid…

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Anti-Spoofing GNSS Receiver

Willem Folkers The idea comprises hardware and an operational concept. The hardware will contain a small module with an antenna, flash memory, a battery, an A/D converter, and an interface…

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Integration of AMBER Alerts through GNSS

Victor Jose Gatica-Acevedo, Alfonso Leyva Alavarado, Martin Gomez Varelan, Sergio Jesus Gonzales Ambriz, Yair Ali Cerecedo Torres Missing persons represent a serious problem around the world. AMBER Alert is a…

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Takuji Ebinuma, Hitomi Inaba, Kounosuke Kataoka, Shungo Shinohara, Hideki Yamada GPS and other navigation satellite systems are widely used for positioning and navigation applications, but they also play a very…

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