Nav4you is an AI-driven tool that was developed to ensure the safety of security and emergency service operators in dangerous environments. It features an innovative and compact location device that is mounted directly on the operator’s foot and merges inertial, magnetic, and GNSS signals with artificial intelligence. In this way, nav4you is able to detect a large variety of human dynamics like walking, running, and jumping, but also climbing stairs, crawling, kneeling, and more. Thanks to an innovative method of processing carrier phase measurements, it can even utilise GNSS data inside buildings 40% of the time. The user’s location is provided with sub-metric accuracy in real time regardless of the environment (indoor/outdoor) and without the need for specific infrastructure. The solution also optimises planning and deployment along with actual rescue operations.
Copernicus Sentinel-2 imagery services will be used to display trajectories on updated maps. nav4you is projected to become the reference solution for French firefighters by 2023, and then be scaled up to the European market.

Johan Perul, Valérie Renaudin