Nicolas de Kerchove, Joel Mendez, Oscar Marí

Apocalypse Hunters is a location-based trading card game that works with different themes. It brings a completely new dimension to the gaming sector thanks to its interaction with the real world and weather forecasts. When it rains, for example, the cards from the “water family” will be twice as strong as before. Playing from a moving car or train will also be exciting, as it will be possible to interact with more content. Apocalypse Hunters is more than a game: It helps other developers monetise their own games through a location-based foundation of data. It attracts users to specific places or sales points to unlock content in the game. In doing so, it helps businesses/institutions that want to attract users to specific places through gaming. The game has climbed to fourth place in the SlideDB ranking (a platform with more than 12,000 indie games) and received first-rate reviews from the press, game publishers, and industry gurus in advance of its planned launch in November 2015. A strong, reliable, and accurate positioning signal from GNSS will help improve the game experience and the marketing possibilities it offers.