Dr Jörg Pfister

Electromobility and renewable energies play a pivotal role in preparing our society for the future. The best way to cut CO2 emissions is to offer attractive public transport (PT) services. With the issue of sufficient energy supply already solved, tram systems are the most mature electric vehicles currently on the market.

pwp-systems GmbH has developed a robust positioning unit called “PTbox”, which covers the full range of PT operations and aims to provide a complete positioning technology solution for PT. PTbox will be based on GPS, with EGNOS/EDAS as the main sensor and additional sensors on the vehicles.

GPS can already handle PT operations such as calculating the estimated time of arrival. However, more complex applications like transit signal priority or track sharp localisation have higher requirements. The PTbox has been designed to meet every requirement of PT. Feasibility tests on transit signal priority have shown that PTbox could offer improvements of up to 50% compared to conventional systems, thereby accelerating PT and also allowing for longer green periods for private car traffic.