Road & Traffic Management

Galileo Masters Winner ESA 2018

Lycie – Drive Safely and Save Money

Antoine Bocquier, Jean Galinowski, Jérémy Maisse, Guilhem Vavelin Lycie is the first mobile application that actively prevents traffic accidents and saves lives. The grand prize winner of ActInSpace France uses…

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UK Winner 2017

DriverNet: The Smart Logistics Network

Anthony Chisnall, Emma McNally, Arturs Karlovics, Jordan Docherty, Sam Gileeney, Jack Gooden DriverNet is a logistics network and mobile app that connects any driver to any site by sharing information…

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Shared Ahead – A Truck-Sharing System

Florin Banica, Andreea Diana Banica Shared Ahead is an intelligent, centralised logistics transport system that allows the use or sharing of free cargo space available in trucks, thus increasing productivity…

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Pothole Avoider

Oscar Serradilla Every year, road accidents cause over 1.3 million deaths, 50 million injuries, and EUR 465 million in property damage. Pothole Avoider is an active security system for terrestrial…

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FENIX – Front-End GNSS Interference eXcisor

Jorge Querol, Adriano Camps FENIX is an innovative solution designed to mitigate the effect of GNSS jammers, which compromise the reliability of GNSS devices. Despite legal regulations, the proliferation of…

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