Ivan Allevi, Marco Merlo, Gabriele Monfredini, Giorgio Soldavini

Car mobility needs a change toward green energy consumption and a small carbon footprint. Electric vehicles (EV) integrated with a suitable recharging system constitute one of the best solutions. Coupled with renewable energy sources, they present a key pathway to achieving reductions in global warming, pollution, and oil dependence. The framework of such a system requires smart management of EV consumption and energy sources in order to overcome the technical limits stemming from both the use of electric batteries and the discontinuity of renewable energies. The solution REeCORD, developed in collaboration with the Energy Department of the Politecnico di Milano, is a platform that helps both drivers and suppliers take advantage of EVs. This package is suitable for enabling both private and municipal fleet managers to reach destinations in the most efficient way (taking into account time, traffic, battery limits, and effective exploitation of renewable energy). The software located at fleet control centres and remote sensors installed on board EVs guide the vehicles while attempting to optimise recharging and the use of fleet cars and stations.