Ferdi de Bruijn, Teun Hoevenaars, Jon Reijneveld

ReMood will enter the festival market with an innovative system that provides both attendees and organisers with previously unavailable location-based information streams. This is facilitated by a personal interface handed out to all attendees of a festival that allows them to interact with a central system. They select their mood and are immediately directed toward their preferred “moodspace” – a place to find like-minded people.

The festival experience of attendees is thus enhanced by the possibility to share moods and connect to local social networks of like-minded individuals. Organisers benefit from ReMood in the form of real-time information on the social moods, locations, and needs of their customers. This information can be used to better serve festival attendees. Finally, ReMood can be instrumental in monitoring the position, density, and movement of crowds, which could increase the safety of attendees.

ReMood bridges the gap between virtual social networks and real-time social events by introducing a smart system into the festival market. By releasing new information streams, ReMood brings festival attendees with similar social moods together and allows organisers to gather input from their customers. Festivals need to innovate continuously to remain attractive to their customers; by empowering both festival attendees and organisers, ReMood clearly adds value in this demanding market.

ReMood will initially target the festival market in the Benelux countries. In this region, over 1,700 festivals are organised every year. ReMood’s target market will then expand to other countries in western Europe and the United States. These expansions are foreseen two years after initial market entry.

Attendees can enrich their festival experience by connecting to local social networks and meeting like-minded people. They can also provide (collective) feedback to the organisers on their experience, who can react in real time to their needs or directly address safety issues. Furthermore, additional location- based services may be included to further increase customer satisfaction.

Jon, Ferdi and Teun
e-mail: info@remood.eu