Alexis Las Heras

In Europe‘s palpable drive towards a low carbon future, solar power is going to play a significant role. Across the continent, governments offer incentives for homeowners to go down the solar pathway. Sun & Green, a Spain-based clean energy startup, is looking to brighten things up via a digital strategy that promises to make the selection, purchase, and installation of selfconsumption solar panels as easy as any online purchase. In addition, it gives PV owners intuitive tools to control their energy balance.
Using GNSS technology, the consumer can buy a self-consumption solar energy plant online. A major way to reduce costs in the solar industry is the use of satellite imaging, 3D light detection and ranging technology, as well as remote design software. This technology can help to estimate output, savings, and design systems quickly and accurately. Using smart meter data in combination with smart devices’ real-time consumption, optimisation software can also increase/decrease the demand profile of a building or make the most of patterns in electricity prices. This satellite technology can also be used for security and maintenance purposes.