Intelligent mechatronic systems will revolutionise collaboration between humans and robots. Fast, reliable, and trustworthy sharing of information in real time will enable robots to look beyond their line of sight by sharing what they are perceiving.
This will lead to highly improved perceptual performance and enable flexible deployment of mobile robots in the most challenging scenarios. TOM Robotics provides solutions for the robots of tomorrow that will operate autonomously in these complex environments. This technology is enabled by high-precision localisation based on the Galileo GNSS High Accuracy Service and reliable mobile communication systems.


“Our jury fully agrees on the importance of the autonomous intelligent mobility application field – and the enormous push that the new GALILEO services will bring for it.
With TOM Robotics, we found a perfect winner and valuable partner to profit from the expertise and domain know-how of both DLR and BMVI.
We appreciate the engineering spirit of our winner’s team and how they establish trust in the positioning of the vehicle and its surroundings.”
Hendrik Osenberg, Deputy Head Of Department, German Aerospace Center (DLR)


TOM Robotics GmbH
Thomas Strasser-Krauss, Stefan Schauer-Burkart