Joeri Spitaels, Hartmut Spitaels, Nebojsa Kostadinov, Bart Hermans, Bert Schuyten, Peter Mullens, J. Coosemans

Winnetou is a new solar-powered device for tracking individual freight-railway wagons. It will continuously:
›› Capture a wagon’s precise on-track position, orientation, and speed
›› Register shocks and vibrations
›› Record the outside temperature
›› Weigh the wagon’s load
It will then send all this data to a central server in a secure fashion over the GSM network, either after an interval set by the end user or immediately in the event of an alarm condition. These can include an intense shock or a speed limit violation. Thanks to its solar energy supply and operational storage between -40°C and 65°C, Winnetou will be able to report back every 15 minutes, night and day, winter through summer, all over Europe and beyond – even when standing still. Since it combines GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and EGNOS, Winnetou can tell exactly which track a wagon is on, even when obstacles partially block its view of the sky or when other tracks are close. Therefore, it can be easily mounted on all types of wagons, even low ones. It does not require a particular mounting position and can be welded or bolted. Winnetou contains no valuable components or data, no removable SIM card, and has no visible cables.