COO Ian Kiely, CEO Peter Downey, CTO Keith Tracey

Self-contained, tethered, and aircraft-deployable, the Jack in the Box drone system provides real-time visual data and pinpoints locations to assist EMERGENCY SERVICES and DISASTER RELIEF in remote or inaccessible areas. It monitors up to 300 square kilometres from a fixed position and supports flight times of up to 500 hours. It can also operate in adverse environments without risking lives.

Jack in the Box can provide reliable positioning data to support emergency services, environmental protection, government bodies, civil defence, and border control on land, at sea, and in remote locations. To do so while supplying live, high-quality streaming video, it deploys a self-contained drone “package” that is affixed to a tether and fuel supply.

The customer benefits include reliable real-time data, extended flight times, re-usable hardware, the ability to network multiple devices, variable payload options, and cost-efficiency compared to standard aircraft.  Jack in the Box also presents no threat to other aircraft. The system uses GNSS data to compute the precise location of individuals and assets at risk while real-time video footage of events is relayed to a command centre via communications satellite.



Customer benefits

Reliable real-time data, accurate positioning, extended flight times, re-usable hardware, Wi-Fi/4G capability, multiple payload options, and cost-effectiveness compared to standard aircraft are just some of the customer benefits. Furthermore Jack in the Box also reduces the risk to human life and poses no threat to other aircraft.