Higinio González Jorge, Joaquin Martinez Sánchez, Luis Miguel González de Santos and Miguel Angel González de Santos Large structures such as dams, wind farms, bridges, or buildings require continuous…

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Safe Jamming of GNSS of Hostile Drones

Saulius Rudys, Paulius Ragulis, Rimvydas Aleksiejunas Recently, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been used to interrupt the operations of airports and other critical infrastructure using GNSS signals. To neutralise these…

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MEDeus – The Drone Doctors

Hammad Jeilani The MEDeus service will use hybrid fixed-wing drones that are capable of rapid and efficient transport of medical payloads for three key purposes. First, it proposes an urgent…

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NITROFIREX RPAS: Aerial Forest Firefighting At Night

President, Luis M., Bordallo Engineering Director, Jaime, Sanchez Gallego Operations Manager, Alexander, Burwitz Airframe Development, Korbinian, Stadlberger Wildfires and drugs are causing human and ecological harm, as well as high…

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BMVI-Bavaria Winner 2017

SORUS – Spoofing-Resistant UAVs

Alexander Rügamer, Dr Jan Wendel The main purpose of SORUS is to store short sequences of PRS PRN (pseudo-random noise) code chips on user receivers prior to missions. These PRS…

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