Alberto Gonzalez, Antonio Vazquez, Bibiano Fdz-Arruti, Aaron Nercellas, Diego Hurtado, Diego Nodar, Fernando Aguado, Franco Pérez

Point&Pin is a remote localisation application that is designed to identify emergency situations. It uses GNSS-determined positions together with the inertial sensors integrated into smartphones or custom-developed hardware to obtain the coordinates and distance of any given target. With Point&Pin, users can point to any given location with their smartphone cameras to obtain the coordinates and distance of the target, along with the option to quickly forward the information to the relevant emergency services. The range of application fields is myriad, from determining the coordinates of a forest fire to calculating the location of a highway accident. For the mass market, Point&Pin can also be used for fun applications such as recreational navigation, which makes it possible to highlight berths and harbour services when boating or view route markers during hiking trips based on augmented reality. For the professional market, the system could be installed and embedded within UAVs for deployment in a wide range of applications.