Jasper Ettema, Sabine Ettema

Each year, six million lives could be saved by defibrillation within the first minutes of sudden cardiac arrest. This is why public places are equipped with automated external defibrillators (AEDs). Due to their cost and size, however, AEDs have to be retrieved from scarce central locations. This takes time and diminishes the chances of survival. Liimtec is developing an AED based on mobile devices that will increase these chances and help save lives. Its technical concept consists of compact hardware in combination with an app. The app will feature all the functions of existing AEDs, along with the ability to send emergency calls and precise positioning information directly to emergency services and proximity alerts to nearby first-aiders. Liimtec’s solution will be small and portable enough to be carried around on a daily basis. This will enable first responders to bring an AED to the scene of an incident and apply defibrillation immediately, saving lives in the process. This value proposition serves two main groups of customers: people with special responsibilities who want to be ready to save lives, and members of risk groups who want to prepare for their own case of SCA.