GNSS Living Lab Challenge

Sawcer – Search and Shop Locally

Adrienne Fanning Sawcer is the mobile application and website that makes local shops as easily searchable as online shops by creating crowdsourced, geolocalised catalogues. Using Sawcer, anyone can share places…

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Galileo Masters Winner GNSS Living Lab Challenge 2018

GNSS Compare

Mateusz Krainski, Sebastian Ciuban, Dominika Perz, Lucie Davidova GNSS Compare is an open-source Android smartphone application that simplifies the development, implementation, and testing of new algorithms for processing raw GNSS…

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David Prentell, Luis-Daniel Alegría, Jens Dressler, Erik Collinder Vamos is a mobile application that combines the best of Facebook and Instagram in order to pry friends away from their screens…

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