Marco Trucchi, Christophe Biondi

Pothole Mapper is a service that provides liveupdated maps of road defects like potholes, cracks, and worn portions (along with their precise severity and position) thanks to the high accuracy of Galileo satellites. Its customers mainly include municipalities and public institutions that need to guarantee the quality of road networks. In France alone, one million kilometres of roads require maintenance that costs EUR 15 billion every year. Most of the time, the maintenance strategies and methods for defect detection are not optimal. Thanks to Pothole Mapper, customers can optimise their resources while maintaining the highest possible overall quality. Moreover, this solution will benefit society as a whole by reducing fuel consumption and vehicle wear and increasing safety, comfort, and citizen satisfaction.
The technology consists of measuring boxes and a computer platform. The boxes are mounted on vehicles. Using an accelerometer and a Galileo receiver, they transmit the positions and intensity of road defects to a central server. The resulting big data is analysed by AI algorithms to identify the defects and classify them by severity. Pothole Mapper then produces a road defect map without requiring human intervention.