Marcin Wilk, Konrad Miekus, Piotr Cieslinski

Smart Gate is a system that will be able to measure time precisely during sport activities.

Precise times on ski/snowboard runs are used to improve skills and techniques during every training run. However, today’s solutions are very expensive and many sport schools cannot afford professional equipment. Smart Gate is based on satellite signals which, thanks to an atomic clock, can provide timing at a level of precision not available in any consumer electronics. This makes time measurements not only much more accurate, but cheaper, as well.

In addition, Smart Gate uses RFID technology to identify athletes using the solution. Combining all this data in one system offers the unique opportunity to create an online service for people passionate about sport.

Customer benefits

  • Reduced cost
  • All data is immediately available on the Internet
  • Machine-learning algorithm recognises unfinished ski runs
  • Adding mid times is not a problem as every device works independently


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