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Czech Republic

Augmented Prague

Jirí Mikoláš, Šárka Sekorová, Darina Mikolášová, Jirí Sekora, Pavel Polanský Augmented Prague is an adventurous quiz game with elements of Augmented Reality. Through smartphones and tablets, a new dimension of…

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David Prentell, Luis-Daniel Alegría, Jens Dressler, Erik Collinder Vamos is a mobile application that combines the best of Facebook and Instagram in order to pry friends away from their screens…

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Treasure Hunt Games and SmartGuides everywhere

Leifur Björnsson, Steinunn Anna Gunnlaugsdóttir Locatify Ltd. is a service provider for technology and platforms, allowing our partners in the field of tourism, education, and entertainment to publish their location-aware…

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