DLR Challenge

Safe Jamming of GNSS of Hostile Drones

Saulius Rudys, Paulius Ragulis, Rimvydas Aleksiejunas Recently, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been used to interrupt the operations of airports and other critical infrastructure using GNSS signals. To neutralise these…

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Signal-In-Space Analysis Using AI

Pieter Bastiaan Ober Modern GNSS receivers process their information mostly in the digital domain. As a result, they are capable of collecting large amounts of highly detailed data on the…

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Augmented Crane Navigation System (ACNS)

Piotr Krystek Augmented Crane Navigation System (ACNS) is designed to increase efficiency and safety in tower crane operations. Modern tower cranes can be more than 200 metres tall and operate…

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GNSS Based Attitude Determination

Dr Boris Vassilev, Dr Boriana Vassileva The proposed GNSS Based Attitude Determination (GBAD) technique exploits velocity information acquired by GNSS receivers. For this purpose, velocities are measured by one or…

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