Safety & Security

CORE: Cooperative Rescue System

Rafael Olmedo, Jose Luis Villarroel, Carlos Rueda, Juan Rico Every year, more than 150 people fall victim to snow avalanches. The probability of survival is 90% during the first 15…

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Cooperative road damage evasion application

Fabian de Ponte Müller, Jonathan Brembeck, Bernhard Kloiber The Cooperative Road Damage Evasion Application is a novel safety application that enables a vehicle to locally circumnavigate road damage (e.g. potholes)…

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alcedo – the flying avalanche transceiver

Manuel Grauwiler, Dominic Gschwend, David Leuzinger, Martin Wyss, Luc Oth DESCRIPTION Alcedo is a lightweight mini-helicopter with four rotors. Combined with a state-of-the-art avalanche transceiver, alcedo searches autonomously for avalanche…

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