Smart City

SMART Project

Francesco Marchioni, Alberto Fontebasso and team The SMART project provides innovative traffic management software and supports smart urban mobility. The system combines the immediacy and precision of Galileo positioning data…

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IoT Baseplate – On-Site Traffic Data to Go

Klaus Heimbuchner, Helmut-Klaus Schimany, Markus Dorn, Stephan Jung High-quality real-time data is an essential basis for the digitalisation of traffic and mobility, but is often not sufficiently available for temporary…

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University Challenge

GNSS for Smart Cities

Filippo Iodice This project applies GNSS signals not only for positioning, but as a passive remote-sensing tool that uses the antennas present in all our cities as hotspots. Using Copernicus…

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Augmented Crane Navigation System (ACNS)

Piotr Krystek Augmented Crane Navigation System (ACNS) is designed to increase efficiency and safety in tower crane operations. Modern tower cranes can be more than 200 metres tall and operate…

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